Thursday, June 28, 2012

Know Drugs

Michelle De Faria started her placement with Eating Disorders of York Region (EDOYR) earlier this summer. Her passion is to encourage men and women to take control of their mental health.

"Know Drugs" is the byproduct of De Faria's inspiration to create a campaign to promote pharmaceutical alternatives, since medicine may not always be the only way to be healthy and happy.

Yoga: A wonderful tool

Megan Jacobs is a certified iyengar yoga teacher.
"Yoga has helped me a lot in my life," says Megan Jacobs, a certified iyengar yoga teacher who works out of her studio, Dove Tail Yoga, in Aurora. "It' a wonderful tool."

Jacobs came to visit us at Eating Disorders of York Region Monday where we had a wonderful conversation about the benefits of yoga.

Iyengar yoga, that which Jacobs teaches at her home studio, is a detail oriented practice. Iyengar is very physical, Jacobs says, and uses a lot of props, like blocks, blankets and belts.

"We are all built differently. [We all have different] heights and confidence levels. Props help everyone do the poses," Jacobs says, adding that though the technical term for the blocks, blankets and belts is props, she prefers the word "tool."

These "tools" teach the poses to the body and then the body eventually gets more comfortable with the various movements and stretches.

When a yoga class begins, the movements are very general. Throughout the class and after numerous sessions, a stronger foundation is built, both physically and spiritually, where participants begin to sink deeper into each position.

"You then go deeper and deeper into yourself," Jacobs says. "And your mind is calmed and then you begin to learn about your body."

Iyengar yoga doesn't teach a lot of breath work, but, as Jacobs refers to it, "is meditation in action."

"Endorphins in yoga can get addicting," Jacobs says. "As a teacher, I teach balance and how to find that connection between your heart, body and mind. Yoga can be harmful if, like anything else, it is abused."

One of the main practices of yoga is awareness. When we are aware, "the contentment and peace we find is not in our environment but in ourselves," Jacobs says. "We lose the attachment to sensory things when we practice."

This objectiveness connects an individual to his or her inner voice, where there is a need for sensitivity and thought about how much we let the rest of the world affect us.

-- Leviana Coccia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Circle Body Image and Self-Esteem Building Workshops start on July 11

Laura Connell, Girls Circle facilitator.
Starting Wed. July 11, Girls Circle comes to York Region with new workshops illustrating a research-based model that encourages girls to stay true to themselves.

“Through the research-based model of Girls Circle groups, I hope to empower girls by helping them see their true value which is more than skin deep. Girls deserve to celebrate and love themselves for who they are rather than what they look like,” says Laura Connell (right), Girls Circle facilitator in Richmond hill.

Each week at the Richmond Hill Central Library (located at Yonge St. and Major Mackenize Dr.), Connell will meet with and lead the six to 10 girls through a structured format. Girls will take turns talking and listening to one another about concerns and interests, Connell says.

Connell visited Eating Disorders of York Region last week to talk about expressionism, a style of art where the artist seeks to express emotional experience. Expressionism at Girls Circle will expand further with creative or focused activities like journaling, drawing, poetry collaging and the use of drama.

Guest speakers, in the fields of body image and self-esteem, are also welcome.

Girls Circle Body Image and Self-Esteem Building Workshops are for girls ages 11 to 14. For an early bird rate of $99, registrants will attend eight two-hour sessions every Wednesday from July 11 to August 29 from 6:30 to 8:30p.m. at the Richmond Hill Central Library.

For more information please visit To register call Connell at 4169039714 or e-mail her at

Monday, June 25, 2012

Preparing for the future by Jim Campbell

We came across Preparing for the future by Jim Campbell, an Oakville author and writer, in the Summer 2012 edition of Home Digest.

Read it, here.

Exceptional support group starts Tuesday July 10

Healing Emotional Eating: Using or Refusing Food to Cope is an exceptional support group facilitated by Marilyn Strauch M.A. (C) OACCPP Psychotherapist. It will take place starting on July 10 for four consecutive Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00p.m.

Those with eating disorders may restrict, overeat or emotionally eat in an effort to cope with uncomfortable negative emotions or to reinforce a positive mood. After each episode, there may be increased self-criticism around weight, body image and lack of control, in addition to long term negative physical conditions.

The group will be held at 115 Wertheim Court, Suite 511 in Richmond Hill, located east of West Beaver Creek and North of Hwy 7.

There are four spots left. Register online now.

Monday inspiration!

We came across this awesome quote online. We found it very inspiring.
Then, we remembered we had this from Rae's "The Love Yourself Challenge."

Friends of EDOYR host second Rock for Charity event at the El Mocambo

On the way down to the El Mocambo on Thurs. June 21, the event organizers found this in the sky: Some inspiration! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Doors opened at Rock for Charity 2.0 at 7pm. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Rae Smith is a university student who started "The Love Yourself Challenge," a blog initiative that spreads self-awareness. On the blog, she posts these culture jamming images above, as well as others. She gave EDOYR permission to use these images at Rock for Charity 2.0. Thanks for being such a great friend-raiser, Rae! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Our booth! For less than what it would cost to see a movie, guests were admitted into an awesome event with bands from all across the Greater Toronto Area. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

And the preparation for Rock for Charity 2.0 begins! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Sound check! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

House of Coconuts opens the show and gets the party started! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

The El Mo gets loud with TNG on Thurs. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Ravyn Red performs their original song, "My Time" among others. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Inside the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Couriers take the stage after a quick intermission and rock the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Highway Lights performs their original track, "Run With Me" among others at the El Mo. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Outside Toronto's most famous and historic venue. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Eric Conlon plays hits by his band, Lambs Become Lions. Contact EDOYR at if you'd like a CD with a donation of five-dollars or more. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Also with a five-dollar donation, you can pick up juggling balls, symbols of the challenges and opportunities in life. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

Members of the band Couriers show us their juggling skills. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

Jer Schell of Four Nines Fine, one of the bands scheduled to play at Rock for Charity 2.0 who were unable to due to an emergency, won our 50/50 event draw. He donated all the money to EDOYR. Thanks Jer! Photo by: Leviana Coccia

In January, EDOYR hosted our very first Rock for Charity. Here, Natalia, Administrative Assistant, signed the famous walls of the El Mocmbo. Photo by: Leviana Coccia
Four Nines Fine left their mark in January, too. Even though the band couldn't perform on Thurs., we still kept the band in our thoughts all throughout the night. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank you for making Rock for Charity 2.0 a success!

Thank you to everyone who made Rock for Charity 2.0 a great success! We exceeded our previous record set in January, thanks to all those who attended and generous donations from our friends. This was a great way to start the summer series of friend-raising events.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faces of Recovery

A number of years ago, someone who recovered from an eating disorder visited Eating Disorders of York Region. She said something remarkable.

When this visitor was struggling with an eating disorder, she said she didn't know recovery was possible as she had never met anyone who had recovered.

EDOYR thought to change that. Thus, we present to you, "Faces of Recovery."

Our first "Faces of Recovery" story was posted on our website. Ola Mazzuca, a Journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, talks about her recovery.

As we meet more "Faces of Recovery," we will continue to present stories of those willing to share.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rock for Charity 2.0 to take over the El Mo in two days

Even though you don't need me to tell you this, today's weather was sweltering hot and the forecast predicts similar temperatures until Thursday.

By Thursday, you're probably going to be craving a place where you can let your hair down, grab a drink, listen to some good music, party with a few friends and ultimately cool down, right? There is no better way to Celebrate Summer, if I do say so myself. If my assumption is incorrect, please do forgive, but I know what I'll be doing on Thursday.

I'm going to Rock for Charity 2.0, a concert organized by friends of Eating Disorders of York Region where all proceeds will benefit the organization.

Members of EDOYR's Circle of Friends have also planned a "Ladies Not Barbies, Men not Ken" photo booth, where for two-dollars a shot, you can get your photo taken on a hand-made beach set wearing summery props (I can't give away too much. You'll just have to come on Thursday to find out what types of props we'll have). Photos will be taken by Meaghan DeClerq, a fourth-year Media Studies student at the University of Guelph-Humber who also has her own photography company called DeClerq Photography.

You can also participate in a 50/50 Event Draw. Two dollars will get you one ticket, three dollars will get you five and for $10, you'll get an arm's length! Not sure how 50/50 works? Well, after the ticket-buying has stopped, we'll draw a winner. The winner will get half of the money raised during the draw and the other half will go to EDOYR. In other words: You could win some cash while still helping out a great cause. Win-win, yes?

Not to mention, we'll also be selling our recently-made "Life in Balance" t-shirts and giving away "Show Your True Colours" buttons.

I know I'm really excited for Thursday (so excited that I've been having dreams of all the bands playing). Speaking of bands, you'll get to see House of Coconuts, Ravyn Red (with special guests Andrew Ferguson, bass guitarist, and Tam Duong, guitarist and singer/songwriter),  Eric Conlon of Lambs Become Lions, Couriers, Four Nines Fine, Highway Lights and TNG perform LIVEl

See you all Thursday.

-- Leviana Coccia

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday inspiration

Photo by: Michelle De Faria

Rock for Charity 2.0: Featuring Ravyn Red

On June 11, 2012, Ravyn Red came into the Eating Disorders of York Region studio where they talked about Rock for Charity 2.0, a volunteer-run concert where all proceeds will benefit EDOYR.

Rock for Charity 2.0 will take place on June 21. Doors open at 7pm. The show will begin at 7:30pm. Ravyn Red also performed their original song, "My Time." 

Check out the Facebook event page for more information (and don't forget to RSVP "YES!").

Follow the event on Twitter.

Questions? E-mail


Thursday, June 14, 2012

EDOYR at H.G. Bernard Public School

Grade eight students at H.G. Bernard Public School in Richmond Hill sport their "Wings of Hope/EDOYR" bracelets.

Some students at H.G. Bernard Public School take part in the "Together, We Are Better" club at school. The club encourages inclusivity!

Such a stunning mural put together by "Together, We Are Better."

Members of the "Together, We Are Better" club raise their hands and "Wings of Hope/EDOYR" bracelets in front of their school sign. Go Bruins Go.

Showing their school spirit and encouraging self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-confidence, students at H.G. Bernard Public School in Richmond Hill raise their "Wings of Hope" in unison.

Leviana (Events and Communications Coordinator) took a walk around H.G. Bernard Public School with the members of "Together, We Are Better" club and found these awesome murals hanging on the wall. Integrity. Citizenship. Fairness. Courage.

Loyalty. Honesty. Kindness.

Respect. Self-discipline. Responsibility.

How stunning is this? If you look closely, you'll see that this Canadian flag is actually a mosaic of student portraits.

This here is another mosaic of student portraits. What an awesome idea!
What is your school doing to raise awareness?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rock for Charity is in EIGHT days. EDOYR is busy prepping!

See this huge mural? We're using it as the backgdrop for our "Ladies Not Barbies, Men Not Ken" photo booth. Photos will be taken by Meaghan DeClerq of DeClerq Photography. Photos will cost $2 each. If you fill out a contact card on the day of the event, you can receive your photo(s) - professionally edited - via e-mail.

Hoola skirts, crepe paper, and a Dollarama bag full of goodies!

This is what our rough sketch looks like...We promise the final outcome will be much more lovely.

Natalia (Administrative Assistant), Leviana (Events and Communications Coordinator) and Michelle (placement student) were getting in the "Celebrate Summer" spirit for Rock for Charity 2.0. You could be wearing the same skirt Leviana's wearing on June 21 if you come and get your photo taken

Here the girls are again, smiling and laughing as per usual!

Remember those Kindergarten days where you would scrunch up pieces of crepe paper and glue them on a piece of construction paper? Leviana's hard at work making a sun for our photo booth backdrop doing EXACTLY that!

Natalia loves to paint!

Natalia loves painting so much, she now has the unofficial title of "Painter."

Natalia's cutting out leaves for our palm tree!

That palm tree is sure coming together nicely.

Slowly but surely the backdrop is coming together!

Ravyn Red performs "My Time" LIVE in studio at EDOYR

On June 11, 2012, Ravyn Red came into the Eating Disorders of York Region studio, where they performed their original song, "My Time."

"Ravyn Red is a hot band with a fresh sound whose performance and songs inspire the soul and spirit to soar!" - Janice Morgante, Executive Director, EDOYR

Here are the song lyrics* so you can sing along:

"My Time"

Inspired by the stars as I watch them from afar
I want to be where they are
I know it’s going to be hard

And I know what I see
They might be...
They might be better than me

But put up walls and I will climb
Give me odds and I’ll defy
I’m on a roll
It's my time to shine
And I will fight
I will shine

You can tell me anything
Bring me down, but I’ll push further
Try to blind me but I see past the lies
I’ll need more convincing

And I know what I see
They’re not much...
They’re not much different from me

So put up walls and I will climb
Give me odds and I’ll defy
I’m on a roll
It's my time to shine
And I will fight
I will shine

Funny how things change so quick
Bet you never saw this coming
In the driver’s seat this time, moving fast

I put my time, blood, sweat, and tears
Everything is on the line now
Go ahead and close the door
I’ll fly through the window

I’ve worked so hard, sacrificed
Just to see my dreams come to life
If you think they are impossible
Then be ready to witness a miracle

So put up walls and I will climb
Give me odds and I’ll defy
I’m on a roll
It's my time to shine
And I will fight
I will shine

Ravyn Red will be featured at Rock for Charity 2.0 among six other bands.

Check out the Facebook event page for more information (and don't forget to RSVP "YES!").

Follow the event on Twitter.

Have questions? E-mail


*Lyrics and music by Ravyn Red.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EDOYR at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival on June 3

On Sunday June 3, EDOYR was at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival. See how things went through the array of photos, below.

Our booth at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival allowed people of all ages to make a friendship bracelet, learn more about eating disorders, donate and receive a gift with donation. 

We were also giving away our famous "Wings of Hope" bracelets. See them there in pruple?

Steppin' Out Theatrical Productions was also with us at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival. They were giving guests the chance to win two adult subscriptions for next year!

Steppin' Out Theatrical Productions will also be putting on "Fiddler on the Roof." Proceeds from the November 24 show will go directly to EDOYR. E-mail for more information!

It was a tad windy we used our lovely quoted rock as a paper weight.

These handcrafted bracelets were created by one of our amazing volunteers to represent hope and inspiration. Support EDOYR and receive this beautiful gift with a donation of $10 or more – a great gift for any occasion and supports a worthy cause. E-mail!

These handcrafted key chains were created by one of our amazing volunteers to represent hope and inspiration. We even have handcrafted earrings! Support EDOYR and receive this beautiful gift with a donation of $10 or more – a great gift for any occasion and supports a worthy cause. E-mail!

Touch someone’s heart today with your support and receive this beautiful sterling silver and crystal double-heart butterfly pendant as our gift with a donation of $50 or more. E-mail to receive the gift with a donation of $50 or more.

Nice beads, huh? Guests were spelling out their names and friends' names on their bracelets. We thought that would fit nicely with our Circle of Friends theme!

Leviana (Events and Communications Coordinator) is making her very own friendship bracelet. She used the letter "L" in the centre of her bracelet. The other beads she used were purple in support of EDOYR.
A huge thank you to our sponsors!

This guy was so funny! He was sponsored by Viva/YRT and put on a great show. Fire. Magic. Laughter. Everyone was lovin' it!