Friday, November 18, 2011

Eat, Breath, Pause: Mindful Eating


During the week, EDOYR had the opportunity to listen to a webinar (online lecture) about 'Mindful Eating', which was presented by Ryann Smith, registered dietician from the Renfrew Center (treatment centres across the U. S.). They provided this brief handout that may be of some interest to you.
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                                      Eat, Breath, Pause: Mindful Eating and Treatment

Ryann Smith, RD, LD/N

What is Mindful eating (ME)? 

ME is ... 

• About being conscious of why you are hungry
• About developing a close relationship with your mind and body
• Knowing the exact moment you’re satisfied (not stuffed or starving)
• About being open to eating foods
• Developing a new relationship with food
• Overcoming predetermined thoughts
• NOT about the type of food, because food is neutral
• About the process of eating

ME Practices: 

> Observant
> Non-Judgmental
> Aware
> Present
> Let it go already!
> Acceptance
> Compassionate

ME tips to try: 

• Plate your food, sit and eat
• Spooning- its not what you think
• Switch it up- 1st 2 bites are best
• Pacing
• Catch your Z’s
• Shift your routine

                                 Mindful Eating Experience- try it at home with your loved ones! 

• Choose a food item

• Examine the shape, color, and texture

• Unwrap the food item if necessary

• Smell the food item, notice the aroma

• Is there any anticipatory salivation?

• Notice the taste, texture and temperature

• Notice the texture changes as you chew and swallow

• Be aware of feelings, sensation or memories

• Imagine the chocolate in your stomach

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