Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Circle of Friends by Nisha Thomas

The idea of friend is one that presents comfort to all of us. Eating Disorders of York Region (EDOYR) is always grateful for the support of their friends. The “Friend Raising” campaign is established on the premise that the kindness of our friends helps to raise awareness and funds necessary to administer support. When friends come together to embark on any given initiative, the encouragement and support they provide one another is inexplicable. We see this first hand at many of the fundraising events hosted not only by Eating Disorders of York Region, but by the friends we have gained over the years. We are hoping to take this idea one step further! With the help of even just one friend, EDOYR is able to make great strides. If that one friend were to encourage their circle of friends, not only would this increase awareness around Eating Disorders but lessen the stigma as well. Everyone knows someone who in some way, shape or form, is affected by an Eating Disorder. We need to come together, to empower one another and add that human touch to relationships that is often left behind.

A circle of friends could engage with EDOYR in multiple ways. For example, a group of friends could arrange a movie night within the local community and raise money through games and a small admission fee. These proceeds could all in turn, directly go towards Eating Disorders of York Region! An alternative idea is if one person supports us with an ongoing gift of $10.00 a month and encourages four of their friends to do so as well, this turns into a monthly contribution of $50.00 just from your circle of friends! The sustainability of our free support programs depends on community members like you. Join us! Together, let us fight the stigma, raise awareness, and share the experience with a group of people who believe in the cause!

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible”
-Christopher Reeve

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