Monday, October 31, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi everyone!

My name is Alyson I am here simply to introduce myself as a placement student at Eating Disorders of York Region.

After some discussions with my supervisor and executive director, Janice Morgante, I have decided to use this space to share my thoughts with you and for you also to share yours with mine. As you know, the internet has become a limitless forum for exploring ideas, reactions, responses, and in essence, is a vast turf for self-expression. As a result, I want to use this space to do exactly that. Share.

What will I be talking about?
Well, that is very much dependent on the week. As I see it now, I think it would be great to discuss an important theme or idea that I feel has come up throughout the week. These themes can range from self-care, recovery, personal development, challenges, and healing. Life is changing everyday and we are constantly learning new things and finding ourselves bending and adapting to our surroundings.  Life is teaching us everyday and showing us more about ourselves in how we feel, react, and understand our world.  I want to use this blog as a way to understand these changes that we all encounter.

I want to highlight that I want to be very inclusive of readers and their struggles. No one experiences the same difficulties, nor do we trudge through the same challenges as one another. But one thing in which we can find unison is that at our basic human level, we simply do struggle.  Even thoug this blog will actively acknowledge these struggles, whether they be addiction, an eating disorder(s), depression, I  do hope that this space becomes a place of support, optimism, growth, and a hand to hold.

Although I won’t be able to hold your hand, physically, I want my words to be some support to you, as I have found a hand to hold through people’s words even though I never knew him or her.

I look forward to connecting with you or just simply offering another perspective.


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